Brooks Performance Coaching was launched in 2013 and aims to fill a gap in the market, providing specialist physical training support, advice and guidance to aspiring amateur and professional athletes. Brooks performance will work with athletes to ultimately reach their peak physical condition for competition. From the complete beginner aiming to complete their first endurance challenge, amateur racing cyclists looking to progress their level of raving to the talented youth academy games player wanting to develop themselves as a complete athlete.

Adam Brooks (FdSc)

Athletic Performance Coach

I have worked within performance centred environments for over 15 years. Coaching football to young academy players striving to gain professional contracts within these clubs. It was evident to myself how difficult it can be for a young athlete to break into the professional game and how competitive an environment this can become. From my experience I believe a lot of young games players have little access to professional advice on athletic development. Due to time constraints, sports teams will predominantly focus their time on the technical development of players and physical development becomes an after thought. Poor physical development can inhibit performance and potentially lead to reoccurring injuries.

As well as coaching football in a number of professional clubs I have also completed at a high standard in a number of sports including Football, Rugby, Athletics (Sprinting & Jumping events), Martial Arts and most recently Cycling.  I currently compete as a Cat 3 racing cyclist in the UK, riding in local criteriums and regional road races. I am constantly setting myself new challenges and endeavour to compete at higher level within cycling.


Manilla Cycling




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